MPR Health is now One&All, a physical wellness collective, helping you be the strongest, best-functioning version of yourself, through a modern mix of therapy, technology and movement.

The Science of Feeling Good

Our integrated approach guides you from initial injury to sustained wellbeing


Osteopathy is a hands-on therapeutic method that addresses both the immediate symptoms and underlying causes of musculoskeletal issues. Our osteopaths take a holistic approach, addressing both the site of pain and adjacent bodily structures to treat injuries comprehensively.


Physiotherapy is a treatment method designed to address movement challenges, muscle imbalances, and functional difficulties. Our physiotherapists use a blend of manual therapy and targeted exercises to restore mobility, alleviate pain, and optimise wellbeing.

Clinical Pilates

Clinical pilates is a dynamic and evidence-based practice designed to elevate your physical strength, flexibility, and posture. Our clinical pilates instructors guide you through a series of tailored exercises designed to enhance your body’s functionality and build a strong foundation for your overall wellbeing.

Remedial Massage

Remedial massage therapists are healthcare professionals who specialise in treating pain, muscle tension, and discomfort through hands-on techniques. Remedial massage plays an important role in managing pain, enhancing movement, and supporting recovery. 

One&All is a qualified, experienced and friendly collective of osteopaths, remedial massage therapists, physiotherapists, and clinical pilates instructors in Roseville, Sydney NSW Australia.

MPR Health is now One&All — Same location, same team, fresh new look.