About One&All

Welcome to One&All, a physical wellness studio, where the tools you need to strengthen and repair your body all come together under one roof.

Through a medically-backed, bespoke mix of osteopathy, physiotherapy, remedial massage and clinical pilates, we strive for fully resolved, not temporarily relieved. We treat the true cause of your issue, bringing change for good.

One&All’s studio is designed to be an inviting, positive community, where you can get back to feeling your best.

Based in Sydney’s North Shore, our team are dedicated to delivering your optimal health, helping your body navigate the path to wellness.

Come One Come All

Our Approach

There’s no fixed pathway to feeling great, so at One&All we prefer to stay flexible.

We’re different to any fitness studio, physio or osteo clinic – here you’ll find a diverse mix of people, equipment and classes to take you on your own journey back to full physical health.

One&All was created to bring together a combination of rehab experts, from remedial massage therapists, to osteos and physios, to clinical pilates instructors. So with One&All you can complete your own journey under our roof. 

We take a tailored approach, creating a unique plan for each individual – our modern combination of hands-on treatment and exercise-based therapy is backed by cutting-edge insights, from our state-of-the-art technology. 

At One&All, every movement is optimised to make you the strongest, best-functioning version of yourself. 

It’s convenient, it’s fun and most of all it makes for more effective treatment.

Our integrated approach guides you from initial injury to sustained wellbeing

Data driven therapy

We’re proud to say that we are early adopters of state of the art health technology – the same used in the NBA, the English Premier League and the military. And nothing gets us more excited than learning about your health through data.

We employ the same motion graphics usually found in video games, to track how your body moves and to monitor your strength. Gamified rehab exercises enable you to take your treatment home, and you can even film yourself for remote review sessions.

The data gathered is collected in your own digital hub, where the numbers can be monitored with your practitioner, or by yourself on the app.

We don’t do guesswork. At One&All, science is central to everything we do.

One&All is fully registered