Foot And Ankle Pain At All Ages

Foot & Ankle Pain In All Ages: What Causes Them & How An Osteopath Treats Them

The foot and ankle might be one of the most important parts of the body. After all, it grounds us and carries us through our lives. Throughout our lives, it has to deal with an immense amount of load, stress, injury and exercise. Let’s look at some of the things our feet have to deal with at different times in our life.

Foot And Ankle Pain At All Ages

Pain in the foot and ankle is a common problem. Pain may be felt in the foot, ankle, or lower leg. Most foot and ankle pain can be treated successfully with the right diagnosis and treatment plan.

Different things can cause foot and ankle problems:

  • Heredity (family history)
  • Ageing (ageing alone does not cause arthritis)
  • Injury (sports injury, accident or fall)

Foot and Ankle Pain in Early years

Foot and ankle pain is not just a problem for older adults. It can start to affect your feet from when you are a child or even before you are born! In fact, foot and ankle disorders can make it difficult for children to walk normally or participate in sports without pain.

As kids become teenagers, they may develop flat feet (also known as fallen arches) that require special inserts in their shoes to help support their arches and prevent them from collapsing when standing on their toes. These inserts are called orthotics, providing support similar to braces for adults with arthritis in the ankles or knees.

Kids and Developmental Issues

As the body grows, many of the structures in the body are not as robust as they will be as an adult. Occasionally this can lead to developmental issues/injuries only found in children. The following are the common conditions we see present in the foot and ankle region:

  • Sever’s disease
  • Pes planus/flat feet

Foot and Ankle Pain in Teen and Young Adulthood

As a teen, you may be experiencing foot and ankle pain. It’s important to know that “foot and ankle pain” refers to several conditions that can affect you at this age. Foot and ankle pain in teens can be caused by overuse or repetitive activities, such as sports or dance; it may also result from injury or accident.

The good news is that most foot and ankle pain for teens can be treated with conservative methods, such as rest and ice. If you have been diagnosed with a more serious condition, it will be important to seek medical attention from an osteopath.

Foot and Ankle Pain Caused by Exercise and Injury

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Teens and young adults can be very active bunch. It is not uncommon for teenagers to play multiple sports throughout the week. This load and stress on the body can sometimes lead to overloading issues and the occasional traumatic injury.
The following are the most common we see in this age group:

  • ATFL inversion sprains and tears
  • Achillies overuse injuries (tendinopathies)
  • Ballet fracture (5th metatarsal fracture)

Foot and Ankle Pain in Mid-older ages

If you’re over 50, chances are you’ve experienced ankle or foot pain at some point. Whether it’s due to arthritis or something else, these ailments can be debilitating and make everyday life difficult.

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Foot and Ankle Pain Caused by Degeneration and Balance

Unfortunately, we all know that as we age, our body does stay its young, resilient self. This is just an unfortunate reality of existence but does lead to a few common issues in the feet.

  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Arthritis
  • Balance/co-ordination-based strains

Physiological conditions causing foot and ankle pain

Not all issues we see and treat are purely musculoskeletal. The foot and ankle are especially common areas for some physiological conditions to present with some pain and problems. At MPR Health, we know working closely with other healthcare team members is extremely important to manage these conditions best. GP, Podiatrist, any relevant specialists, etc.

  • Diabetes
  • Gout
  • Raynaud’s disease
  • Medications that affect blood flow to the extremities of the body

Osteopathic Treatment for Foot and Ankle Pain at All Ages

Osteopathic treatment for foot and ankle pain at all ages is a common approach to addressing acute and chronic injuries. The osteopathic approach in MPR Health is one of the most holistic means of treatment, as it focuses on the musculoskeletal system.

Our osteopaths could help you manage foot or ankle pain with the following examples below:

  • Osteopaths will thoroughly examine your foot and ankle to determine the source of pain. This can include palpating (feeling) the area and using assessment tools to test the bones, muscles and tendons.
  • They will also determine if a biomechanical issue contributes to your pain. This may include performing an orthopaedic assessment of your foot or ankle and prescribing exercises and stretches that can help decrease inflammation and improve mobility.

Conclusion: Foot and Ankle Pain at All Ages

Our feet are incredibly important to our overall health and happiness. While many people experience foot and ankle pain at some point in their lives, it is important to understand what can cause these symptoms and how they may be treated. If you are experiencing any pains in your feet, talk to one of our practitioners today to get you walking on the path to better health.